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Lasik Eye Surgery – How much does it cost ?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

If you are thinking about lasik laser eye surgery procedure, probably the next thing that comes in your mind is how much is it going to cost you.
Price is going to differ widely depending upon many different factors.

Location has a great deal to do with the variations in the cost of Denver Lasik surgery.
Overhead costs for Lasik surgeons in San Francisco or Manhattan are much greater than for someone located in the Midwest. Even here in the Denver Colorado metro area, Lasik in Denver costs can be varied widely.

There are more factors that can affect the price :

o Technology. There have been many significant advances in Lasik surgery over the past few years and the tools of new technology are generally more expensive.

o The individual patient. No two patients’ eyes are the same; some require more pre- and/or post operative consultation and care .

o The surgeon’s experience and level of expertise. Lasik procedure can be very costly in the long run (there are surgeons whose practices are devoted solely to correcting problems due to badly-done Lasik procedures).

Most insurance plans normally don’t cover the cost of Lasik because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. However, some employers who subsidize their workers’ health plans may allow you to “convert” part of this subsidy to allow you to pay for a Lasik procedure.

Denver LASIK Vision Center’s vision is to make LASIK affordable for anyone looking to experience the freedom of vision correction with how the need for contacts or glasses. Contact now to see a variety of different and flexible payment plans that fit comfortably within your budget to help finance your LASIK Denver procedure.