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Choosing Your Eye Insurance Plans

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Eye insurance plans differ from health insurance. They cover eye-related care specifically, and help to cover the costs of eye exams, glasses, and contacts. The discounts on vision services that eye insurance covers come from two kinds of insurance plan: vision benefits, and vision discount.

The benefits package is more akin to standard insurance whereby you are covered for vision services up to a certain value, above which you must pay the excess. As such you may be required to make small payments when receiving vision services, but the bulk of the cost will usually be covered by the insurance provider.

Vision discount plans differ from the standard form of insurance. Rather than covering your costs up to a certain value, the discount plan is a service that grants you discounts on a range of services specified by the plan provider. You will be paying for the treatment entirely yourself, but these treatments will be available to you at a reduced rate. In choosing a discount plan you will find that the plan providers offer a list of all those vision services who have agreed to take part in the discount scheme. On top of this there are often specific services included in the plan. As such it is important to read through the discount plan thoroughly to ensure you make a choice appropriate to your needs.

There are a number of benefits to taking on an eye insurance plan, whether it be vision benefits or vision discount. If you have vision problems you can save a lot of money by taking out a plan. Glasses can cost hundreds of dollars by themselves, and contact lens prescriptions are also very expensive. Add on to this eye tests and you’re starting to look at some serious money. Insurance plans can cut your costs by up to fifty percent making them well worth considering. Whilst individual plans are available, it is also possible to obtain family plans. This can be especially useful when children are young as during the years in which they are rapidly growing they are likely to go through many pairs of glasses.