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Magnetic Therapy For Pain

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Magnetic therapy for pain relief is a natural alternative to help relieve pain. Just about everyone has to deal with some kind of pain, even if it is only a little. Now, many of those who suffer from pain regularly want to know if there are ways of controlling and getting rid of pain without using harmful medications. The answer is yes, there are ways of relieving and controlling pain without using drugs full of chemicals. It has been proven that people really can get pain relief from using magnets around the affected areas. One study showed that 76% of the test subjects got pain relief from the magnets.

When the magnets are close to the skin they can relax the walls of the capillary. By doing this more blood will flow to the area and the pain should be relieved. Magnets can also interfere with the muscles and the involuntary movements they make. Electrochemical reactions are affected by magnets, the magnets impede their ability to send messages to the brain that the body is in pain. We all know that pain medications can work to control pain just as well but why put our bodies into such danger by using harmful drugs when there is a more natural way to relieve pain?

These medical magnets come in many different prices ranging from around five bucks to about $900. There are magnets for several different parts of the body that may have problems with pain but you can get magnets for other things too, not just to wear. You can get magnets in shoe inserts to help with foot pain or you can get a mattress pad with magnets to help with body pain while you sleep. The thing you need to keep in mind is that magnetism is measured on a gauss scale. This means that the higher the gauss is with the magnet you use the better the pain relief you will get.

There are many ways you can use the magnets but the best way is to apply the magnet directly to the affected area. You can do this by using adhesive bandages or other things that will help the magnet stay in place. However, if the magnet does not provide relief after using it for a few days you can reposition it. There are people who have not found relief in using magnets for this purpose but that doesn’t mean you will not have success with it. You can use magnets for any kind of pain that you have, whether it be neck, back, feet, elbow, shoulders, etc. Magnets are good for relieving headaches as well, the temples are good places for magnets but the placement depends on the pain for the most part. Magnetic therapy for pain relief is a alternative for natural pain relief.